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Greater Sacramento's #1 liked dog poop pick-up pooper scooper service with rates as low as $9.95 per week.

You can count on Doo Doo Squad to consistently deliver quality service with professionally trained technicians.

Our professional technicians provide 100% worry-free service 100% of the time. We have a no questions asked money back guarantee without any long term contract

We Make it Easy And Convenient

Weekly, Twice Per Week, Every Other Week, and One-Time Dog Poop Pick-up service available. We also offer yard deodorizing and sanitizing.

Each home is different and does require an estimate based on the terrain, location, size, frequency and quantity of dogs. Setting up service is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

We offer services for Homes, Condominiums, HOA’s, Apartments, Parks, Dog Parks and Bike Paths.

Doo Doo Squad - Dog Poop Pick-Up!

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No Contracts!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!​​

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"I highly recommend this service! He is thorough, and really leaves the yard poop-free! I put up with a different poop service before, and that guy would be in and out in under three minutes, missing most of the droppings. Doo Doo Squad actually cleaned up the accumulated mess that others left behind." Elsa - Rocklin, CA

"I use Doo Doo Squad, and he has amazing service. He came and cleaned a few weeks of back order, and was professional and on time. William - Elk Grove, CA

"We came upon a Groupon for Doo Doo squad once my boyfriend hurt his foot in basketball, so we decided to buy the Groupon and give it a try. I called in to make sure they would come out to the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area and they do! I met the guy in person the first time to sign the paper but every time after that he would just leave a note around our door knob about what he did the day he came in. He did a great job and I highly recommend him to other dog owners. He was always on time, left the backyard spotless and never forgot to close / lock the fence. Unfortunately, we are moving to a different city so we only renewed once after the Groupon deal was done but I highly recommend him!" Kiana - Folsom, CA

​"Someone comes out and picks up dog poop for you! What's not to like about that? The last thing I want to do after a long work stretch on a hot summer day is be outside picking up dog poop. I got a good deal with one month of service free. I chose the bi-monthly service, which includes sanitizing and deodorizing. It's a genius idea with a fantastic name ​Jetty - Sacramento, CA

​​"I love having the mess my dogs make picked up. Those of you who want to pick it up I say go for it. I however do not enjoy or want to pick it up, especially when I can hire this fantastic service to do it for me. Thank you Doo Doo Squad." ​Trisha - Rocklin, CA

"I really enjoy your service. Your employee that services our home is awesome. He was polite enough to bring up our garbage cans! Thank you." ​Yesenia - Sacramento, CA

​"This service is sooooo worth it. Roy really went above and beyond even took the trash out for me a couple times when I had forgot :) great prices and service!" Eva - Citrus Heights, CA

I am delighted to have the Doo Doo Squad as a sponsor of my radio show "Aging With Dignity". My company, Family Ed Outland's Family Heritage Group, has many clients who have pets and are unable due to disability to clean up after their dogs. The Doo Doo Squad allows them to live independently and remain in their homes with their 'best friends' and companions. Ed Outland- Gold River, CA ​http://fhgllc.com http://agingwithdignityradio.com

“Thanks for helping us out at the last minute. You guys are great and we will use you again in the future. Great all around service!!” Tammy - Grass Valley, CA

"U r amazing my yard hasn't been this awesome in a long time thank u so much for doing what u do" ​Cameron - Sacramento, CA

"I'm not a fan of picking up after my puppy, so I knew having this service would be great. I wasn't disappointed. My yard is now clean of poop, and smells great. I also love that my puppy can be in the yard while he's cleaning. He's really good with animals. I have 2 other family members that want the service because of how our yard looks. Oh, and the month free promotion didn't hurt either. This service is well worth the money, and I don't see myself getting rid of it ever." Dena - Sacramento, CA

​​​"I do clean up after my dogs by paying Doo Doo Squad to do it for me. I choose not to do a lot of things myself and pay others to do them for me. It's a win win in this great Capitalist society that we have. They make money and feed their families doing what they want and it frees me to do the things that I enjoy. Like playing with my dogs:-)" Todd - Lincoln, CA

"I know it's a joke to some and many have an opinion about who's real responsibility it is....but I will GLADLY pay someone to pick up after our 3 LARGE dogs. I'm so happy I work hard to be able to afford to have this service done! They really do a great job, the leave a note every week with any follow up notes and it's great that we can have people over for a BBq without have to have to add pooh duty on the to do list! If you work your butt of during the week and don't want to have to pick up pooh on your weekend...GET THIS SERVICE!" Heather - Roseville, CA

"I'm glad my ex found ur services. When we lived together, I was on Doo Doo patrol. But now that I've gone, it was piling up. U are a savior to her and her daughters. Plus "our" lab has a tendency to wanna go on the patio since he doesn't wanna get wet, what a prima-dona. ....so the deodorizing part is a great plus......" Louis - Sacramento, CA

"This company provides excellent service. I have a teenager who chore it was to clean up the dog poop, once a week. We have a big yard and she hated doing it. These guys do a great job for less my kid was getting and I don't have to hear her complain. Sounds like than a win win in my book" Shane - Sacramento, CA

"Thank you soooo much for cleaning up our yard!! So excited for our service! Doo Doo Squad is awesome!!!" Heidi - Elk Grove, CA

"​I saw this company on Facebook offering first month free so I figured what the heck. Seriously, I am a sucker for great customer service but these guys take it to another level. My yard was a little tore up(because I'm inherently lazy) in no time it was spotless and smelled clean from deodorizer. I hate cleaning up after my dogs and now I dont have to. Three words, Professional, Professional, Professional. Need I say more!!!!" ​Cole - Carmichael, CA​

This service is the greatest thing since sliced bread as my grandmother used to say. I mean what more could a girl ask for than somebody willing to pick up my dogs doo doo every week. These guys are totally professional which I will admit surprised me just a bit. I just didn't know what to expect because I had never heard of this service before. You can tell that these guys know how to run a business the right way. I guarantee they won't disappoint. Thanks Doo Doo Squad!!!! Katie - Elk Grove, CA

We have been using the Doo Doo Squad for the last year, and took him with us when we moved. He is fantastic with our dogs, friendly, and the price is right. For years we struggled to find someone to do this for us, "volunteers," and one day I decided to hire someone. I ended up with the Doo Doo Squad, and the rest is history. Diana - Sacramento

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Deodorize & Sanitize

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) warns that one single dog dropping can contain 3 million fecal bacteria, along with parasites and viruses that can that be passed to humans as well as other pets

Simply walking in a infected yard then entering a home will track the bacteria and can infect anyone in the household and quickly sicken or hospitalize high risk individuals such as young children, pregnant women or elderly.

Doo Doo Squad will help remove and reduce this problem with our environmentally safe deodorizing and sanitizing service. The clean, fresh scent will leave your yard smelling great!

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