Dog poop is a pollutant, containing harmful organisms and parasites. Sprinklers and rain water wash dog waste into water systems affecting drinking and swimming water. Doo Doo Squad helps maintain a healthy environment for you and your family by regularly removing these contaminants from your yard.

We use a environmentally safe solution to deodorize and sanitize. This process will help reduce yard stool and urine odors. If done on a regular basis you can expect to have a healthier environment for you and you and your pets.

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Children can be exposed to harmful bacteria from dog poop while playing in the yard.

Our dog poop-pick up service will help reduce your dogs exposure to a variety of parasites and other harmful viruses.

We understand that life can be hectic at times. We take care of the never-ending chore so you never have to pick up dog poop in your yard again.




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     Concrete Scrubbing

     Hosing Off Decks and Patios

     Water Bowl Cleaning

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